Hey and welcome!
I'm Holger Rüprich, a Web Development leader based in Karlsruhe, Germany.

Let's get to know eachother

For more than ten years I've been working as a web development leader. During that time, I was able to work with many great people on a wide range of topics - from the development of online shops and e-commerce web services, to IT operations, product management and user experience for the 1&1 product- and self-care-frontends.

The variety of topics, the short development cycles and the closeness to the customer is what keeps me excited about web development. As a software developer, I wasn't committed to a single technology and the same is now true being a leader. I'm looking for challenges and like going unconventional ways. I like working with diverse teams with a broad knowledge to find the best solutions.


09.2020 - 01.2024
VP Customer Platforms

Leading Development, Test Automation and 24/7 Operations for the Web Frontends of IONOS (100+ people). Modernization and consolidation of all customer frontends including their infrastructure towards a cloud native microservice architecture.

04.2019 - 08.2020
Head of Customer Technology

Leading 76 employees responsible for the development of the online store, the mobile app and the stationary checkout systems. Replacement of the legacy SAP Hybris e-commerce platform.

03.2016 - 03.2019
1&1 Internet SE
Head of Online Self Care

Leading 45 employees spread over five teams in Germany and Romania. Responsible for software development, UX, product management, project management & quality assurance for the online self care frontends.

These frontends include the 1&1 Control-Panel, the customer portal to configure and access all hosting products.

09.2013 - 02.2016
1&1 Internet SE
Head of Online Platform

Building the department with 26 employees in three teams. Ensuring the 24/7 operations of the 1&1 online shops and self care frontends as well as designing and developing central web services, including:

The single sign-on for all 1&1 frontends. A content management system to manage the product catalog for the online shops.

01.2012 - 08.2013
1&1 Internet AG
Head of Sales Platform

Building a software development team responsible for new sales features of the 1&1 Online Shops.

With the team, I've established the search based on the Google Search Appliance, ratings & reviews, targeting for 1&1 products, and an internal adserver.

03.2009 - 12.2011
1&1 Internet AG
Head of Sales Processes Access

Head of the software development team for the DSL and Mobile Internet online shops with 12 employees.

08.2008 - 03.2009
1&1 Internet AG
Software Developer

Software Developer for the DSL and Mobile Internet online shops. Web development with Java based on the in-house open source framework Pustefix.

03.2004 - 07.2008
Horn Group
Web Developer

Design & development of web applications based on Ruby on Rails and PHP / TYPO3.

09.2001 - 12.2007

Together with a friend of mine I started a web agency to create websites for local businesses based on our own custom build content management system.

Not engough? Here are 10 random facts about me

  1. At a young age being a guitarist and singer I dreamed of a career as a rock star.
  2. My former self would probably think I'm pretty mainstream today.
  3. I love our portafilter machine (Linea Micra).
  4. Except for Instagram, I don't use social networks much.
  5. I don't drink alcohol, instead I'm all in for any kind of soft drink.
  6. As a teenager, I didn't want to marry or have own children. Today, my children and my wife are the most important thing for me.
  7. As soon as I see or smell blood I feel sick and dizzy.
  8. For a long time, chocolate pudding was the only dish I could cook.
  9. Although I like to climb, I'm afraid of heights.
  10. I get exited like a little kid about gadgets of any kind.